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Welcome to this illustrated guide to Iceland

David Williams first travelled to Iceland in the early 1980s and in the course of the next few years wrote three illustrated books about the country. The text from the first of these books Iceland: the Visitor`s Guide (published in 1985) has been used as the basis for this website.

The site gives general information about the country (its history, landscape, culture, etc.) and descriptions of many places that visitors travel to.

Strokkur, an Icelandic geyser.
Strokkur, an Icelandic geyser.

The site is still under construction and photographs to illustrate the present articles will appear in late 2011.

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What`s in the website ?


The land and the people

The first explorers
The Age of the Settlement
The conversion to Christianity
The discovery of Greenland and America
The collapse of the Commonwealth
The Dark Ages
The nineteenth century
The twentieth century
Culture in the Icelandic environment
Old Icelandic literature
Eddic and skaldic poetry
The Sagas
Later literature
Modern literature
Painting, sculpture and music
The Icelanders
Traditional living conditions
The seasons
Changes in the modern world
Independent minds
Superstition, morality and the media
The land
On the edge of Europe
The shape of the land
The volcanoes
The glaciers
The natural world
The climate
The economy and infrastructure
Industry and energy